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"The book your family turns to when tragedy rears its head once again."
Kindness In A Scary World  "sings with human compassion and provides a safe starting point for difficult conversations with children. With this story, Hubbard shows how books can build bridges between people and allow us to connect with each other when it matters most." Red City Review
This ground-breaking first in children's literature is a must-have for anyone with young children in their lives, written by a therapist who has focused on helping children and families for more than two decades.  Kindness In A Scary World is an inspiring story of a family who helps their child feel safe and the guide in the back provides parents with important information they can use to talk to their own children and help them feel safe.

Why It Is Important To Talk To Your Child
Exposure to Events
 "Children are on a tablet or watching TV and suddenly something scary appears on the screen."
Coping Alone
"Telling children do not be afraid leaves them to cope alone"
Talking to Children
"Most adults fear that talking about it will make children more afraid"
Children are impacted by the coverage of terrorist attacks and other frightening events.
  • A thoughtful and inspirational story for children and adults
  • Beautiful, multi-cultural illustrations
  • Helps your child understand what is happening in the world in a non-threatening way
  • Explains terrorism in a non-political and non-religious manner
  • Normalizes adult and child reactions.
  • Gives ways to help children cope.
  • Contains a guide for parents that provides specific and concerete steps parents can take to help their children.

Rebecca from Texas

"Not only does the book discuss a very scary topic (terrorism) in a gentle way, it provides real life solutions we can implement to help children cope and feel hopeful. "

Angela North Carolina

"Rebecca Hubbard utilizes her amazing clinical skills to be able to explain scary things in child-friendly language. Also, there is an excellent guide for caregivers in the back of the book. A wonderful resource! I highly recommend it."

Dana from Maryland

"My daughter and I read it together. It is a beautiful story and a great way to start conversations about the current events in our world."
For centuries stories have been an effective way to educate and help children. Kindness In A Scary World  is this kind of story. It is told from the perspective of the child in the story. The child is gender neutral so boys and girls can both identify with the main character. The story normalizes the child's and parent's experiences which helps children feel less alone and better understood. It also provides an excellent guide to assist parents in talking to their children. The guide is written in a conversational style and provides specific strategies for parents to use with their children
Kindness in a Scary World
$ 14.95
Publisher:             TitleTown Publishing
Publish Date:       9/8/2017
ISBN:                    978-0996942690
How does a parent explain senseless mass violence to a child who is just old enough to be aware that the world has become an unpredictable and frightening place? Kindness In A Scary World is a story about a family that watches news coverage of a terrorist attack and the family's reaction to the event. The child questions why the attack happened and whether their family is safe. The parents honestly answer their child's many questions about the attack and help reduce their child's fear by focusing on positive ways the child can contribute to society.
Marriage and Family Therapist
Rebecca has been helping children and families for more than two decades. Rebecca is a practicing marriage and family therapist in Texas. She has a thriving private practice and also provides services full time for Williamson County Children's Advocacy Center. She is passionate about helping children and families recover after traumatic experiences. In her spare time Rebecca trains clinicians, assists parents, and writes children's books.
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